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ArMA Spring Conference

The ArMA 2020 Spring Conference will be held on April 18, 2020, at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino. We have revised this years to be held in conjunction with the ArMA Annual Meeting and offer a broader appeal to Arizona physicians. This year's education will address all facets of Opioid Prescribing. 


Opioid prescribing is a timely issue regarding its impact on the practice of medicine. Several 2019 meeting attendees suggested this as a potntial topic for 2020 and the Arizona Medical Board currently requires a minimum of three hours of Category 1 CME credits in opioid education every two years. 


This conference is designed to connect healthcare professionals in an environment that facilitates learning, networking, and best practice sharing. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear insights from experts and network with peers from healthcare organizations around the state. 


Who is this conference intended for?


The conference is intended for physicians in all specialties and for those who are in academics, students, physician health researchers, administrators, and educators who wish to improve their knowledge and competence in the field of opioid prescribing. 


What are the goals of the conference?


The conference aims to:

  • Discuss the liability implications of over/under prescribing pain medications. 
  • Present information on medical malpractice liability in the are of prescribing pain medications. 
  • Provide background information on current statistics and Arizona law regarding prescribing opioids. 
  • Educate physicians on non-pharmacologic strategies for pain management. 
  • Provide clinical management and referral information for providers. 

Conference Schedule:


1:00 - 1:30 PM: Opioid Epidemic Background, Statistics, Regulation, and Legislation (ADHS)


1:30 - 2:15 PM: Practical Resources & Clinical Management for Prescribing Pain Medications, presented by Dr. Julian Grove


2:15 - 3:00 PM: Break


3:30 - 4:15 PM: Opioid Prescribing and Medical Malpractice: Risk awareness, Risk reduction, and hot topics, presented by Mr. Vince Montell


4:15 - 4:45 PM: Implications of Pain Management Prescribing and What You Need to Know from the Medical Board, presented by the Arizona Medical Board


4:45 - 5:00 PM: Wrap up and any final questions


How do I register for the ArMA Spring Conference?


This year we have combined registration into one form for the ArMA Annual Meeting weekend. Within this registration form you can select to register from a menu of events that are taking place, including registering for this educational conference. You can register today by clicking here




Take a look below to learn about our previous Conference:


On Saturday, March 16th, 2018 the Arizona Medical Association held its 5th annual ArMA Spring Conference, formerly known as the ArMA Physician Leadership Conference.


The Spring Conference was educational and addressed a very timely issue of machine learning and how it impacts the practice of medicine. This topic was spurred by the advances of processing power, memory, storage, and an unprecedented wealth of data. We are seeing more now than ever computers are being asked to tackle increasingly complex learning tasks, often with astonishing success.


The speakers were selected to discuss the following topics:

  • Augmented Medicine: The Future of Healthcare in a World of Artificial Intelligence
  • Principles of Machine Learning & Applications in Healthcare
  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Our attendees had the opportunity to join colleagues for a unique round table networking lunch immediately following the morning conference.


5th Annual Spring Conference Information


Date: Saturday, March 16, 2019

Time: 8:00am-1:30pm Conference, 12:00-1:30pm Round Table Networking Lunch

Location: Mayo Clinic Hospital Phoenix




    Wyatt Unger, MD, MBA, Tucson, AZ

Wyatt Unger, MD, MBA is an assistant professor of clinical radiology at the University of Arizona.  He earned his B.A. in economics from Northwestern University, his M.D. and M.B.A. from the University of Arizona.  Dr. Unger completed his residency training in diagnostic radiology and fellowship in abdominal MRI at the University of Arizona.  He is the Chief Medical Officer of Microvascular Therapeutics, and his research interests include machine learning for the diagnosis and detection of prostate cancer with multiparametric MRI.


Christopher Lohl, CTO AIS, CompuGroup Medical, Inc. (CGM)

As Chief Technical Officer of Software Development for the Ambulatory Division of CGM US, my goal is to bring my customers stable & streamlined software. I've shifted all of our developers to an Agile workflow, and we are working together to bring CGM customers a complete set of services for their ambulatory medical practices. I am focused on delivering top notch, cross browser / cross device services that will be an asset to users as the industry adopts ICD10 and MU3, and their inherent complexities.

  Werner Rodorff, CTO GAT, CompuGroup Medical Inc. (CGM)

Mr. Rodorff is a C-Level Business and technology Executive with over 30 years’ experience as CEO and C-Level Management in IT and software development for healthcare. Werner currently serves as CTO and General Manager over the GAT (Global Ambulatory Template) for CompuGroup Medical Inc. Werner is responsible for oversight of all technical and business aspects of this global project and leading the software development and production teams for six participating countries.  Mr. Rodorff will present on the principles of machine learning and educate attendees on how advanced analytics can be used to provide better information to physicians at the point of patient care.


Chris Mansi, MD, MBA, Neurosurgeon and CEO,, an applied AI HC Company

Chris is a neurosurgeon turned entrepreneur working in the field of stroke. He founded from the Stanford MBA program to solve a problem he experienced regularly during his neurosurgical residency; in acute time-sensitive conditions, it takes many hours to get the patient to the specialist resulting in very few patients receiving treatment in time. 

At Viz, Chris and team combine a passion for neurology with AI to benefit patients who otherwise might end up severely disabled. “We want to improve lives by increasing access to life-saving treatments, and make sure that every patient gets the best possible care available."



7:15am  Registration & Breakfast, Visit Corporate Sponsors

8:00am  Welcome/Program Review - Traci Pritchard, MD, President, ArMA

8:15am   Augmented Medicine: The Future of Healthcare in a World of Artificial Intelligence

Wyatt Unger, MD, MBA, Tucson, AZ

Dr. Unger will discuss the history and current state of the art of machine learning in medicine, discuss how AI can involve the growing part of medicine and will eventually transform the way we diagnose, treat and deliver care to patients.

Attendees will be able to describe the field of machine learning and explain how various aspects of machine learning are being applied in the fields of healthcare.

8:45am   Q&A  for Dr. Unger

9:00am   Principles of Machine Learning & Applications in Healthcare

Chris Lohl, CTO AIS, CompuGroup Medical, Inc. (CGM)

Mr. Lohl has worked to modernize and standardize the software development division at CGM, US and will present on blockchain healthcare.  Participants should understand basic tenets of blockchain technology and how this new storage mechanism can be applied to patient records, and other systems requiring an immutable history.


Werner Rodorff, CTO GAT, ComuGroup Medical Inc.(CGM)

Mr. Rodorff will present on the principles of machine learning and participants should be able to provide an argument for the case that machine learning can use advanced analytics to provide better information to doctors at the point of patient care.

10:15am   Q&A for Mr. Rodorff and Mr. Lohl 

10:30am Break/Visit Exhibitors

11:00am  Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Chris Mansi, MD, MBA, Neurosurgeon and CEO,, an applied AI HC company. 

 Dr. Mansi will update attendees on what AI can and can’t do today in the world of healthcare.  Attendees will be able to cite how to use AI-powered computer aided triage to synchronize care and explain how the FDA’s use of real world evidence applies to neurovascular medicine..

11:30am Q&A for Dr. Mansi

12:00pm Adjourn to Round Table Networking Luncheon



ArMA gratefully acknowledges MICA Foundation for ongoing support of the Physician Leadership Conference. 


Our Physician Leadership Conference offers opportunities to network and visit with physician leaders from throughout Arizona. Download the Sponsor Prospectus for more information.