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End of Life Care Task Force
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The Joint Task Force on End of Life Care created by the Arizona Medical Association (ArMA) and the Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association (AOMA) is a multispecialty group of physicians from around Arizona. The task force has concluded and is participating in an ongoing effort to educate physicians and the community on the importance of End of Life Care. The mission of the Joint Task Force was to assess the state of end of life care in Arizona and offer practical options to improve care for patients across our state. The group initially prioritized three areas:

1. Education – how can ArMA and AOMA provide effective, convenient and accessible educational efforts for both the public and to help physicians increase their skills in end of life care? We also want to determine the level of interest of primary physicians, hospitalists and specialists in Arizona if such training were made available.

2. Access to Palliative Care - how can ArMA and AOMA assist to increase the availability and accessibility to hospice and palliative care services for patients across Arizona and to enable advance care planning to occur earlier when it may be more beneficial?

3. Policy – assess Arizona physician attitudes regarding Aid in Dying legislation and other end of life care issues which may be subject to legislative efforts.

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