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Our publications are created and managed by your physician colleagues and dedicated ArMA staff. Several of our publications are described below. You can access these now through the links, or request a hard copy by calling ArMA Headquarters at (602) 347-6908 or (800) 482-3480.

The Arizona Pulse

The Arizona Pulse - Created by and for Arizona physicians, ArMA's new digital magazine premiered in early April 2018. Want to learn more? Contact Damien Johnson, Managing Editor.

Legislative Report

Our Legislative staff assembles an annual summary of ArMA’s advocacy work at the state legislature. Learn about the challenges and rewards that our advocacy addressed on behalf of Arizona physicians! To learn more, click here

Medicine This Week

ArMA’s weekly email/fax newsletter to members keeps Arizona’s physicians informed on local and national medical news related to health policy, opportunities, and community happenings. If you are a member, you can request copies of “Medicine This Week” from our Communications Department at by emailing During the Arizona legislative session, this publication includes weekly updates on ArMA’s advocacy work.

Adolescent Confidentiality Booklet

A comprehensive guide providing the practicing physician and other clinicians with key information on how to deal with consent and confidentiality issues related to their adolescent patients. Includes discussions on state and federal laws. Download

Disaster Preparedness and Awareness Guide for the Arizona Physician

Produced as a collaboration of the ArMA Disaster Preparedness Task Force, this manual is intended for the practicing physician in Arizona and offers practical advice on disaster preparedness in the office and home. Download

Resident’s Guide

The Resident’s Handbook: A Guide to Navigating Medicine in Arizona provides a thorough overview of the first steps in establishing your practice of medicine in Arizona. It is intended to be a helpful resource for those exiting their residencies and for physicians new to Arizona. Download