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The Arizona Medical Association (ArMA) offers opportunities for members to be involved in committees focusing on various aspects of physician issues in community and policy, as well as those dedicated to ArMA business. Committee assignments are made annually by each incoming ArMA President. Select Committees will be accepting applications of interest later this year.  For further information, please contact the staff member listed.

Accreditation and Medical Education

Committee Chair: Robert Aaronson, MD

The ArMA Committee on Accreditation and Medical Education (ArMA CME Committee), through recognition of the ACCME, serves as the official accreditation body for Arizona organizations to provide quality continuing medical education for physicians and various healthcare professionals. The primary goal of the Committee is to foster quality continuing medical education programs committed to physician competence and performance, and improved patient outcomes. This Committee is comprised of representatives from CME providers in Arizona as well as members of ArMA’s current leadership. This is a working Committee that requires active participation from all of its members. The Committee meets four times annually.
The staff contact is Teri Harnisch.

ArMPAC Board of Directors
Committee Chair: Gary Figge, MD

The Arizona Medical Association Political Action Committee (ArMPAC) Board of Directors provides financial support to candidates for statewide offices who generally support the goals and objectives of ArMA and advises the American Medical Political Action Committee (AMPAC) on financial support of candidates to Arizona’s congressional delegation.
The staff contact is Jon Amores.

Articles and Bylaws
Committee Chair: Brenda Gentz, MD

The ArMA Articles & Bylaws Committee is dedicated to keeping ArMA’s structure orderly and up-to-date. This Committee meets on an “as needed basis” in order to respond to ArMA’s evolving role and needs. Committee members should have a solid understanding of ArMA’s structure. All members of this committee will have been members of the association at least five years prior to their appointment.
The staff contact is Susan Brown.

Committee Chair: James Nachbar, MD

The Committee on Finance meets annually to review ArMA’s budget for presentation at the Executive Committee and final approval at ArMA’s Board of Directors. The treasurer serves as the chair of the ArMA Committee on Finance. The committee acts in an advisory capacity in budgetary and financial matters and new committee members should have financial background and a familiarity and interest in ArMA’s financial matters.
The staff contact is Mechelle Moore.

Legislative and Governmental Affairs
Committee Chair: William C. Thompson IV, MD

The ArMA Legislative Committee consists of approximately 33-35 members who are appointed to the committee by ArMA’s president. In general, the committee meets twice a year to review issues that are under consideration by state or federal agencies, licensing boards, the legislature, or Congress. The committee examines issues of concern to physicians, health care organizations and patients, and is responsible for establishing the positions that ArMA takes in negotiating or advocating on those particular issues. It is common for the Legislative Committee to review between 250 and 350 pieces of legislation each year, in addition to reviewing other rules and regulations affecting the field of medicine.
The staff contact is Meghan McCabe.

Membership Committee
Committee Chair: Miriam Anand, MD

The new Membership Committee will be charged with promoting ArMA membership, and committee responsibilities will focus on membership engagement, recruitment, and retention. The composition of the committee will reflect the diversity of ArMA membership in terms of geography, specialty, employment sector, gender, and career level. ArMA is looking for members who are enthusiastic to get involved, eager to make a difference, and passionate about the work that ArMA does.
The staff contact is Juliana Stanley

Public Health Committee
Committee Chair: Jennifer Hartmark-Hill, MD

The ArMA Public Health Committee meets continuously at ArMA Headquarters. Consisting of physicians and public health professionals, this committee discusses medical issues related to public health in our state. Recent discussion topics have included disaster preparedness, influenza, and reporting communicable diseases, among others. The committee is intended to be the arena in which ArMA’s public health professionals have the opportunity to champion issues that need attention and evoke positive changes for Arizona’s citizens.
The staff contact is Meghan McCabe.

Communications Committee
Committee Chair: Christopher Bailey, MD

ArMA Communications Committee is critical to ensuring we include our members input on how we focus communications efforts as an organization internally and externally. Some of the categories of interest that the committee would be involved with are social media efforts, publication of The Arizona Pulse, email campaigns, and ArMA’s online community. The main goal of the committee is to keep engagement of Arizona’s physician community a top priority.
The staff contact is Damien Johnson