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Call for Board Nominations

ArMA Board of Directors Call for Nominations Announcement

Dr. Michael Hamant, Chair of the Nominating Committee, invites ArMA members to submit nominations for qualified individuals to serve on the ArMA Board of Directors. Members interested in serving on the Board may either self-nominate or have someone nominate them. Every nominee must complete an application which can be found here. (Please note, you will need to upload your CV & a photo with the application and cannot stop & restart the processes. A preview PDF of  the application can be found here.) Nominators have a separate form to complete that can be found here.

Open positions for the Board of Directors includes the following:

 1 President-Elect **  1 Vice- Speaker of the House **
 1 Vice President **  1 Resident Physician
 1 Treasurer**  1 Medical Student
 3 At-large Executive Committee Members **  
  8 Directors: 

 1 At-Large Director
 3 Maricopa County Directors
 2 Pima County Directors
 2 Rural Directors

In order to be eligible for a position marked with an **, an individual must have previously served or be currently serving in a role on the ArMA Board of Directors.

The deadline for completed applications is Friday, March 22, 2019.

The ideal nominee will meet the following criteria:

  • Active ArMA member for at least the previous 3 years
  • Demonstrated service and participation in ArMA activities

Nominees represent the future leadership of our organization. For this reason, we are asking that nominees outline their qualifications on the submission form. The Nominating Committee will consider nominations in the context of the following:

  1. Demonstrated leadership skills / abilities
  2. A 3-5 year horizon in thinking / commitment
  3. Ability to build teamwork among peers with different needs and interest
  4. Examples of moving people and/or an organization in the right direction
  5. Ability to guide direction of ArMA’s resources to achieve its goals and objectives

To ensure the Board’s composition is strengthened by a balance regarding race, gender, age, professional disciplines, institutional affiliations, geographical regions, and practice areas, the Nominating Committee encourages nominations that will provide additional diversity on the Board.

ArMA board members are responsible for governance. The Board focuses on mission, strategic direction, organizational priorities, programs, and financial oversight.

The Board’s business is conducted through 4 board meetings a year. Executive committee members also meet monthly in between board meetings. To view full job descriptions, click here.

Questions about the selection process, nomination criteria, or board member responsibilities can be directed to Libby McDannell, or Susan Brown,