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Board of Directors
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2016 - 2017 Term 

Robert M. Aaronson, MD, At-Large Director

Gretchen B. Alexander, MD, President, Executive Committee

Miriam K. Anand, MD, At-Large Member, Executive Committee

Suresh C. Anand, MD, Maricopa Director

Daniel P. Aspery, MD, AMA Delegate

Timothy H. Beger, MD, At-Large Director

Adam M. Brodsky, MD, Maricopa Director

Henri R. Carter, MD, Rural Director

Bourck D. Cashmore, MD, Rural Director

Michael Dean, MD, Pima Director

Ronnie K. Dowling, MD, AMA Delegation Chair, Executive Committee, and Speaker of the House

Timothy C. Fagan, MD, Pima Director and AMA Alternate Delegate

R. Screven Farmer III, MD, At-Large Director

Rebecca Fega, MD, Resident Physician Director

Gary R. Figge, MD, AMA Delegate

Howard B. Fleishon, MD, Maricopa Director

Brenda Gentz, MD, At-Large Member, Executive Committee

Ross Goldberg, MD, At-Large Member, Executive Committee, and AMA Alternate Delegate

Tanja Gunsberger, DO, Maricopa Director

Dale W. Guthrie, MD, At-Large Director

Kelly Hager, Student Director

Michael F. Hamant, MD, President-Elect, Executive Committee, and AMA Alternate Delegate

Jennifer R. Hartmark-Hill, MD, Secretary, Executive Committee

Thomas H. Hicks II, MD, AMA Delegate

M. Zuhdi Jasser, MD, AMA Delegate

Nadeem A. Kazi, MD, Rural Director

Philip E. Keen, MD, At-Large Director

Peter C. Kelly, MD, At-Large Director

Nathan Laufer, MD, Immediate Past President, Executive Committee

Marilyn K. Laughead, MD, Vice Speaker and Parliamentarian, House of Delegates

Marc L. Leib, MD, AMA Alternate Delegate

Robert J. Marotz, DO, Rural Director

Jeffrey T. Mueller, MD, Outgoing Past President, Executive Committee

Robert R. Orford, MD, At-Large Director

Traci Pritchard, MD, Vice President, Executive Committee

Allison Rosenthal, DO, At-Large Director

William J. Thrift, MD, Rural Director

Susan M. Whitely, MD, Treasurer, Executive Committee